Salon Musicals

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Salon Musical is a show of music and theatre which recreates the social gatherings that took place in Paris and other European capitals during the 19th century.

Created by pianist Marc Verter and tenor Daniel Turner our team brings together a young cast of highly talented musicians and actors alongside stage directors and costume makers to bring the spirit, elegance and glamour of 19th century Parisian Salons to modern audiences.

Our musical events aim to present the enticing atmosphere and music from this golden age whilst engaging with a 21st century audience through an immersive production.

Salon Musical likes to take down common barriers between artist and spectator, stage and setting. Our aim is to link the past with the present, engage with new audiences and make them feel part of the creative process.

Salon Musical is designed to be performed in private homes, small venues or galleries. The programmes can be tailored to hosts’ wishes and personal choice. Each Salon is unique and bespoke, a distinctive original production.

Do enjoy browsing our website to get a flavour of our musical offerings. Please get in touch with Marc or Dan to discuss our flagship show Chez Madame Viardot or to find out about various new themes the team is currently working on.

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